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Hello Vanishers!!! This is Paco, Co-Host of Vanishing Gates. I'm 30 yrs old and enjoy having a good time. I'm originally from Sacramento, Ca but now I resign here in Humboldt County. Despite Jay's beliefs on Bigfoot, I believe he is real. Being part of Vanishing Gates is a fun family time and you guys make it all better.

P.S. I'm also a firm believer that Jack has an over passionate Love/Hate feelings for Vin Diesel.

I’m Jay, host of Vanishing Gates, I’m in my 30’s and have been drawn to talking about the unexplained for a long time. Now, I have a show to discuss this stuff!
I live in northern California, and have had a few experiences, myself, but, sadly, I’ve never seen Bigfoot.
My hobbies are,  Gaming, Our Podcast,  Being Political even though Jay says no,  And Waiting for the day my Co-Hosts get me killed by some random person or Celebrity,  I.E Vin Diesel.
My belief in the supernatural and paranormal is often aired on the side of skeptical, though i am open to all of the things i read about while still being able to read it objectively.  However i do firmly believe in the common cryptid assholeapithicas.
Foods i enjoy are Pizza, Hamburgers and 90% of the things that will eventually lead up to Diabetic arrest and coma then death presumably.
I like Turtles.
My favorite saying is "You can find my Sympathy in the dictionary, between shit and syphilis"
Good Bye everybody!